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Test your understanding of each concept without having to take an entire AP Calculus AB practice exam.
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When you enroll in a review class on GetAFive, you get everything you need to help you with your AP class during the year and also prepare, study, and review for your AP exam in May. Take a tour to find out more.

GetAFive AP Calculus AB exam study guide

Multiple Choice
  • No Calculator: 28 questions (55 min)
  • Calculator: 17 questions (50 min)
Free response
  • Calculator: 2 questions (30 min)
  • No Calculator: 4 questions (60 min - During this time, students may work on any of the 6 questions.)

AP Calculus AB Topics covered

  • Limits of Functions
  • Limits Found Algebriacally
  • Continuity as a Property of Functions
  • Limits and Discontinuity
  • Limits to Infinity
  • Concept of the Derivative
  • Differentiability

and more…

Meet your instructor: Kim Foltz

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Why is this service better than other services for AP Calculus AB?
There are a ton of reasons, but the biggest one is that we think the best way to learn math is to see others actually doing math. Our videos provide you hours of watching the pros handle the problems themselves, so you learn math more better…now about learning grammar.
I'm taking AP Calculus AB in school, so why do I need to review it?
It's never too early to start reviewing, and getting a little extra help. Come May, you are going to need to brush up on the lessons you learned in the fall. We'll be here. All year long for you to view and review to your heart's content.
How'd you find the teacher for this class?
We went through a rigorous interview process, after looking for the most qualified teachers out there. We wanted someone who had demonstrated excellence in education, and had a TON of experience teaching AP courses to not only students but new AP teachers.
Does this cover everything that will appear on the AP Calculus AB test?
We can't guarantee that this year won't be a “throw you for a loop year”, but our content covers the entire syllabus published by the College Board.
How does this help me prepare for the free-response section?
You have the opportunity to scan in your free-response answers and have them hand-graded for an extra fee.
I'm homeschooled, what is this and is this AP Calculus AB review course right for me?
GetAFive is a perfect complement to the homeschooler. With GetAFive you are able to get the best AP teachers in your home, giving you the best opportunity out there to do well on the AP exams in May, earning you valuable college credit.
When should I start preparing for the AP Calculus AB test?
We advise that the best prep is thorough mastery of the material. That starts today.
How long are the videos?
The videos are each between 10-15 minutes in length. Perfect for on-the-go study!
Can I use this to help me with my class during the school year?
You sure can! Our videos and quizzes are carefully broken out into lessons that should correspond nicely to your own teacher's schedule. With a GetAFive subscription you can use our videos, quizzes, and other tools to improve your grades throughout the year, and then, of course ace the AP exam in May.