Your always-available teacher's assistant

Assign videos and quizzes, flip your classroom, and monitor students' progress to enhance learning throughout the year!


Supplement your curriculum or assign student homework using our instructive video lessons.


Monitor student performance on Lessons & Quizzes, Diagnostics, and Practice Tests.

How can GetAFive help you and your students?

  • Supplement your own custom curriculum with our teacher-approved videos
  • Replace paper homework assignments with online quizzes
  • Administer in-class subject area tests
  • Review for the official AP exam in May

Enroll your class today!

Creating a class is fast and easy. Simply choose your course, tell us the number of students in it, and tag it with a name and you’ll be on your way. We provide detailed, step-by-step instructions to help you out if you have any trouble, and you can always reach out to the GetAFive team with any questions.

What teachers are saying

"GetAFive works great for use in and outside the classroom."
- Jeff G.
"My APUS and APWH students loved the software. They would constantly come in class telling me that they understood the material so much better and felt confident going into the test."
- Tyler B.
"This is, by far, the best review tool on the market."
- Tim G.